Why Advertise With SpringHillNow.com?

www.SpringHillNow.com offers a unique, personal, and positive way to market your business that you won’t get with print media or anywhere else for that matter.

Here are the top 5 reasons to advertise with SpringHillNow.com:

  1. Brand recognition: Print media has been the traditional marketing technique in Hernando County since…well, forever. It has basically been the only avenue available…until now! Unlike print advertising that gets seen once (if your ad is eye-catching enough to be noticed among dozens of other business’ ads), online banner ads are seen repeatedly, constantly reminding customers about the products/services you offer and ensuring that you are the place they think of when your products/services are needed. Advertising space on the site is also limited so your company will be one of few instead of one of many, helping you to stand out among the competition.
  2. A positive image of your brand: This website is a one-of-a-kind resource for the residents of Hernando County. They use it. They love it. They engage in it. Companies who advertise on SpringHillNow.com are listed as “supporters” of the site and fans are reminded that the site only exists because of the local businesses supporting it. This allows your business to be viewed by residents as providing them with something they enjoy and need.
  3. Instant information: Banner ads on SpringHillNow.com link directly to your website or Facebook page so customers can reach you the instant they realize they’d like to know more about your company. This undoubtedly helps you to capture more business. A customer who sees a print ad might think to themselves, “Hmmm that place looks like they offer something I need or want to try” but it’s unlikely that they are going to pick up the phone that minute and call for more information or get up and go to their computer to look you up. Will they remember to do it later? Will they remember your specific company when they have time or a desire to make contact? A customer looking around on SpringHillNow.com only has to make one click to connect with you…and they’re already online anyway!
  4. Engagement, ACTIVE promotion, and flexibility: The site is monitored throughout each and every day. Messages are returned. Comments are moderated. This encourages fan engagement and also opens the door for active promotion of your business. If a fan mentions something relevant to a sponsor’s business we tell them about the company! Additionally, all advertising options include Facebook promotion of your business and you have the flexibility to decide what you want people to know, to change your ad periodically, and to utilize a variety of options to spread the word about your products/services.
  5. Personal, purposeful, and professional: This site was created by a Hernando County resident for Hernando County residents. It reflects a desire to connect the people of the community and make it a better place for us all to live. Fans can sense that it feels “local” and personal in a way they don’t get elsewhere so they participate  and they contribute to it. This choice to engage says “I want to know what SpringHillNow.com has to say”. Rather then talking about yourself, let SpringHillNow.com talk about you to the people who care about what it has to say.

If you are interested in supporting Hernando County’s community website and promoting your business or event please call Keeley at (352) 650-6413 or email SpringHillNow@gmail.com.

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