TLC is Looking For a Young, Single Mom in Need

TLCAre you or do you know a young, single mother who is in need of a hand up in life? The Life Center has a bed (and crib) to fill! They are accepting applications and moms 18-25 with babies under 5 will be considered. Moms who are pregnant or who have a newborn will be given priority. They are not licensed to accept moms under 18 unfortunately.

The Life Center provides shelter, food, toys, acceptance and mentors. Residents participate in a three year program and the goal is to have prepared each young mom in terms of skills, initiative, personal vision, maturity, and overall wellness. The Life Center will enable those who complete the program to step into a life of healthy, responsible independence and self-sufficiency. The program is designed for a young mom (age 18 or older) who is pregnant or has at least one child. It is a structured, faith based program that includes family style living arrangements. The only requirement to qualify is a strong desire to become better equipped for independent living. This means having a strong desire to finish educational goals and gain job employability skills. If you would like more information please contact Barbara Lemoine at (352) 597-0119 or or visit If you would like to schedule an interview as a prospective resident, please contact Mary Kay Schenk at (352) 238-9561 or

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