The Life Center of Hernando

TLCThe Life Center of Hernando is a charitable organization registered under 406.411(3) FS that takes in young, single moms who are at risk of becoming homeless. The mothers and children are provided with shelter, food, toys, acceptance, mentors and a sense of belonging through family-style living. The Life Center provides the necessary resources to guide these young moms towards independence. They participate in a three year program and the goal is to prepare each young mom in terms of skills, initiative, personal vision, maturity, and overall wellness during that time. The Life Center will enable each mom to step into a life of healthy, responsible independence that she has created for herself rather than living a life which she has little or no control over. These moms made the choice to raise their babies themselves despite hardships and are often lacking the personal and parenting skills to be self-sufficient as a young family. The Life Center seeks to give them the tools to be successful in reaching their full potential and self-sufficiency.

Want to help? Diapers and dollars are always the primary need of The Life Center. It costs $800 per month to keep The Life Center going.  They can also use household items and clothes as well as volunteers. Click here to see the list of Current Needs at The Life Center. To donate or volunteer or for more information visit donate household items, please call Mary Kay at (352) 238-9561. Stay updated on the happenings at The Life Center by clicking here to “like” their Facebook page!

If you have a car, boat, truck, motorcycle or lawn equipment that you are thinking of getting rid of, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to The Life Center:

  • Donate anything with a clean title-running or not.
  • Call the DONATION LINE anytime 877 227 7487. They’ll arrange pick-up!
  • You can also donate at
  • Be sure to mention THE LIFE CENTER OF HERNANDO
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