Strategize. Organize. Repeat.

strategize1By allowing old clutter (in any aspect of life) to accumulate we minimize our potential because clutter takes up space, be it real or in our minds.

When my husband and I bought our house a few years ago we were very excited! The flooring was still being installed when we had to vacate our previous residence so we moved all of our belongings into the garage of the new house (not that we cared!). When we unpacked the moving truck we put all of the important things in the front so they would be easy to reach. Doing this allowed me to take my time unpacking the “unimportant” things and to completely organize our new home. I analyzed every object we owned to see if it was still necessary. Anything unnecessary was thrown away or given to charity and the rest found a proper place. Eliminating that old clutter created more space for new things that are relevant to us today.

In business or in our personal lives we are often in survival mode, focusing strictly on the tasks of the daily grind, which leaves no room for progression. It’s important to set aside time regularly to strategize and organize all aspects your life. If your computer’s hard drive were full it would run very slow and there would be no room to download new programs that work better…Life is very much the same way! You must clear out the old to make way for the new. Set goals and keep moving forward toward them. So, pick an area of your life to update…Strategize…Organize. Now pick another…and repeat!

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