Spring Hill Toddler Bitten by Dog


The investigation revealed that the mother was in the living room with the toddler, who was playing with the dog. For unknown reasons, the dog bit the toddler in the head. Other children in the home came to assist when the mother began screaming. The toddler was treated on scene by Hernando County Fire Rescue then transported to a local trauma center for advanced care. Physicians advised the toddler had multiple puncture wounds and two skull fractures. The wounds were not listed as life-threatening, and the toddler is expected to make a full recovery.

The dog was reported to be a Chocolate Lab, senior, male. The dog has been quarantined at Hernando County Animal Services (HCAS). Family members stated that the dog belongs to the toddler’s grandmother and that the dog was obtained from a shelter in Citrus County, FL (possibly in the town of Hernando) within the last several months. Upon obtaining the dog from the shelter, authorities there told the family that the dog was not aggressive to people, only to other dogs. Family members also stated the dog has not shown any signs of aggression since they have had it.

Original Information:

This afternoon, a 16-month-old child was playing with the family dog under the supervision of the child’s mother,download when the dog bit the child in the head. The child suffered traumatic injuries as a result of the dog bite.

Hernando County deputies and Hernando County Fire Rescue responded to the scene. The child was treated on scene by Fire Rescue, then transported to a local trauma center for advanced care.

Preliminary investigation reveals that the family adopted the dog from Hernando County Animal Services approximately two months ago. According to the owner, the dog has shown no signs of aggression in previous encounters.

The owner went on to advise that the dog did not appear to maliciously attack the child, but rather, appeared to be playing. The case remains under investigation and the dog has been quarantined.



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