Spring Hill is on the list of the 25 US suburbs where home values are growing the fastest

Spring Hill, Florida: Over the past five years, the median home value in Spring Hill has increased by 80.1%.5d2bb000a17d6c0b441e3603-960-720

City-dwellers are ditching the hustle and bustle of city life and moving to the suburbs in search of affordable housing, more space, and quieter streets.

The suburbs seeing the most growth are located in the southern and western regions of the US. According to a recent study by the US Census Bureau, counties in the South and West saw more people move in than move out between July 1, 2017, and July 1, 2018. Just consider Florida, which welcomed about 566,000 new residents in 2017 and saw a 4.7% year-over-year home value increase to $233,2oo in 2019.

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