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With more than 22,000 fans, and reaching 75,000-500,000 people weekly, Spring Hill Now’s Facebook page is an extremely active and heavily used forum for engagement with residents of Hernando County. Social media marketing provides interaction that you can’t get with print, radio, or television advertising…Fans of Spring Hill Now are receptive to hearing about businesses, specials, offers, and events from us! In fact, they ENJOY hearing what we have to say (that’s why they hit that “like” button). So, rather then you talking at potential customers, let us share you with potential customers.

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1 Individual Post $10
2 Posts Per Month $17.50
3 Posts Per Month $20
Additional posts $5 each

Below is an example of a single Facebook post that Spring Hill Now did for a new restaurant opening.
The post reached more than 60,000 people and had 1,537 likes, comments, and shares organically (with no extra paid promotion of the post).
Do you think this post helped them spread the word?

*Note that some posts/businesses do better than others!

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Want to reach more people?
For a little extra we’ll guarantee you reach thousands!

Facebook boost

Facebook Event Creation $25

Throwing an event in the area?
The reach of our Facebook page far exceeds that of most local businesses and organizations. You can boost attendance and awareness of your event by taking advantage of our large audience. We’ll create a Facebook event on the SpringHillNow Facebook page that targets our audience so that Facebook will “suggest” your event to our tens of thousands fans (and suggest they come by automatically adding your event to their calendars). The event allows our fans to RSVP and invite their friends, giving you a better idea of who’s coming. The event will be promoted a minimum of 3 times as a post on our Facebook page and appear under our “event” tab on the Facebook page until the event has ended.

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Click here to see a list of our current events on Facebook.

We also offer promotional articles (click here for details)
and full event packages (click here for details) that maximize exposure for your event.

Facebook Photo Album Creation

The photos app on our Facebook page is one of the most popular features.
If you want to show thousands of local residents your establishment, products, services, or events Spring Hill Now can share a gallery on our Facebook page giving you repeated exposure of your business for one year. You will be given your own album in our photos section featuring 10-30 images. The cost is $50 if you take the photos or $250 for us to send a professional to do them for you.
Facebook album

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