“Slinging the Bling”

Andrea Harrison will be “Slinging the Bling” at Sherwood Florist on Saturday, August 26th! As “The Bling Slinger”, Andrea has the opportunity toIMG_0865 touch, inspire, motivate and empower women! She empowers women to “sling their own bling”. Their bling is their brilliance! It’s what lights them up! No matter what your circumstances are, sometimes just putting on a new pair of $5.00 earrings can be a game changer! Accessorizing with jewelry can boost your confidence, strengthen your self-image and as a result, you operate from a different place within your relationships and out in the marketplace. We invite you to come see what this $5.00 Paparazzi Phenomenon is all about! Every piece of jewelry is ALWAYS FUN. ALWAYS FABULOUS and ALWAYS $5.00! Every necklace comes with a free pair of earrings! Should you fall in love with the items, they will be available for purchase to take home with you. We accept cash, debit, and credit. You can also get a jumpstart on your shopping and visit Andrea’s website:
Every person who shows up will receive a FREE ROSE courtesy of Sherwood Florist!

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