Sheriff Al Nienhuis is warning citizens about a door-to-door salesman scam

Detectives are currently investigating cases of door-to-door salesmen knocking on doors of elderly citizens and thendownload forcing their way in when the elderly citizen answers the door. Once inside, the “salesman” tries to sell various food products, oftentimes meat or fish. When the citizen refuses the purchase the product(s), the salesman proceeds to stock the citizen’s freezer with the product(s) and then demand money.¬† The elderly population is often easily intimidated and agrees to pay for the product.¬†Detectives advise that citizens should not open the door to any salesman or to any person who you do not know personally.

If you receive a knock at your door by someone from this group, please call our office at 352-754-6830.

If you can see what make/model/color vehicle the individuals are in and the direction of travel they are going, that is always helpful. We ask that you NOT go outside to obtain this information. If you can get it from inside your home, please provide it.


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