Quiz: How Hernando Are You?

1bayport sunset

Bayport Sunset
Photo by Bob Webb

To find out how Hernando you are, give yourself 1 point for each of the following that apply to you then tally your score and see below:

  • have seen at least 3 different kinds of wildlife in one day
  • kayaked or canoed the Weeki Wachee river
  • know where the 4 Corners is
  • raced someone on the speed slide at Buccaneer Bay
  • have seen GREASE performed at Springstead High School
  • watched the sun set at Bayport (two points if you’ve watched it from the tower at Jenkins Creek)
  • have been to the Orange Blossom Jamboree
  • attended the Brooksville Raid
  • have seen bubbles in the Spring Hill Waterfall
  • visited the Hernando Historical Museum
  • know where the Withlacoochee River is

    1Harold's Auto Dinosaur...A Spring Hill Landmark!

    Harold’s Auto
    One of Our Dinosaurs

  • passed a dinosaur while driving
  • visited Boyett’s Grove
  • have eaten at Becky Jack’s Food Shack
  • stopped your car to move a tortoise out of the middle of the road
  • have seen a real, live mermaid
  • drove down US 19 below 40 mph (because of the car in front of you)
  • hung out in a parking lot for fun (yes bike nights and car shows count)
  • can name at least 3 sinkhole repair companies
  • people watch at Wal-mart on occasion just for the heck of it
  • have seen live manatees more then once
  • blamed someone else in your car for the wonderful aroma when passing the treatment plant on US 19
  • know when snowbird season starts…and know it has nothing to do with birds
  • picnicked or sun bathed at Pine Island
  • seen the guy with long hair at the Four Corners head banging and playing guitar on a pizza sign
  • listened to 90% of the people in Hernando County whine about having “nothing to do” while enjoying all the wonderful things in Hernando county because 90% of the people living here are not there (parks, rivers, restaurants, shows, hunting, camping, fishing, boating, hiking, biking, billiard halls, bars, clubs, church events, fairs, fairs, and more fairs, art galleries, classical music, live concerts, the most beautiful sunsets, bowling, tennis, golf, soccer, football, baseball, softball, basketball, theater, etc.)

    Hernando deSoto

    Hernando deSoto

20+ points: Your last name should be de Soto- You are a person who makes the most out of living in Hernando County. You are an explorer who has experienced the main attractions and a lot of the hidden gems in the area. When friends need recommendations on something to do they likely defer to you or when they see an event coming up you are the person they think to tell first.

10-19 points: Not Quite Novice- You are someone who has likely lived here for at least a little while so you’ve experienced the passive (i.e. driving by a dinosaur and seeing the long haired head banger at the four corners) and the main (i.e. mermaids and sunsets) attractions in Hernando County. You are willing to venture out for the right event that sparks your interest and are likely considering checking out one or two of the things on the list that you haven’t experienced yet.

0-9 points: Hernando Hermit or Recent Transplant?- You are either new to the area or don’t get out much…maybe you haven’t known where to begin or what to do around here….The good news for you is you’ve just checked out a whole list of possibilities so grab your keys and a friend or two and pick one!

Special thanks to all the fabulous SHN peeps who filled in the blank and contributed to this fun quiz:
Craig Schreiber, Amanda Varvaro, Colleen Algeo Kasperek, Danielle Shaw Fritz, Mary Gray Whitcomb, Leslie Smart, Suzanne Renczkowski, Yoko Hodge Artist ,Caitlin Shaw Ferland, Darlene Zess-Mindas, Kim Curtis, Megan Marie Colvin, Peazy Monellon, Nancy Lamprecht O’Leary, Russ Bowers, Anthony Kanaris, Carole Ann Walls, Bonny Matles, Traci Rae, Richard Melton, Isabel Mirasola Phillips, Bob Webb, Caryn Spring, Bonnie Fagundo, Blaine McVicker, Amanda Cameron Godoy, Victoria L. DeCaro, Donna Stephenson, Charlene Arcidiacono, Sherrie Wilson, Steve Valiquette Lmt, Renee Marlea Bedford, Penelope Hazinakis-Swainston, Terri Flora Colman, Meredith Peck, Bobbi Bowles, Lisa Hudson, Charla Eitel, Doug D, Bonnie Fagundo, Christine N Juliana London, Kimberly McDaniel, David Jablonski, Annette Indelicato Doying, Brian Jacobs, Shawna Hall, Lisa Lemerise, Joe Simone, Beverly Coe, Vivian Roberts Garner, Karen Muti, Peter Degeorge, Laura Caspar LaBonte, Debra Peck McColgan, Rose Ann Lescio, Mallory Mae Chiavacci, Carol Ann Brown Daleo, Tom Brown, Jenny Earnest, Simone Langlois Ratley, Renia Carsillo, Richard Melton, Tami Cullum, Golden Rainbow Ranch, and Chris Kane.


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