Our Policies For Fundraising Post Requests

Spring Hill Now gets dozens of requests each month to promote fundraising events and online fundraisers on sites like GoFundMe.com. Below is our specific policy on each of these kinds of requests:

Online Fundraising Websites such as GoFundMe.com:
Nearly all requests to share online fundraisers will be denied. There are just far to many and the purpose of this site is not to constantly ask people to donate money. If we post one fundraiser we are (unreasonably) expected to post for everyone. If we did that Spring Hill Now would be NOTHING but fundraising posts begging people for their hard earned cash and we’d lose our following pretty quickly. Also, we don’t have time to verify the validity of all of these requests. ANYONE can set up a funding project and we have no way of verifying where the money is actually going. Unfortunately the world is full of scammers and we don’t feel comfortable sending people to donate to causes that are unverified. On occasion Spring Hill Now will share fundraisers that have been verified and support a cause we believe in. We will only ask our followers to donate when we can guarantee the money will be benefiting the stated cause.

Fundraising/Non-profit Events at Local Establishments:
We do share fundraising events held at local establishments as space and time permit but cannot guarantee every fundraising event will be shared because of the volume of requests. To increase your likelihood of having your event shared email the FULL event details to SpringHillNow@gmail.com. Details that are easy for us to share, such as a well written description of the event and/or event flyer, are more likely to be shared on the site. If we have to dig for information to help promote your event it probably won’t make it on the site/Facebook page. Those that offer to give Spring Hill Now sponsorship recognition (i.e. our logo on you flyer, thank you announcements at the event, etc.) are more likely to be shared. You should also send your request as far in advance as possible to give us plenty of time to share it.

We define a charity or non-profit as an organization that spends the vast majority of their funds on a cause and the organization has no marketing funds. Please don’t ask us to give free marketing and advertising if you are spending money on other media organizations. If you have a marketing budget contact us. We can reach more people at a lower cost!

“Portion of the Proceeds” and Vendor Events:
If the event is primarily focused on making money for a business/vendors rather then raising money for the non-profit (i.e. 10% of the proceeds will be donated) it probably won’t be shared. If the business/event organizers stand to make a profit from the event then a budget should be allotted for marketing the event. Running Spring Hill Now takes time, money, and effort just like running any business or organizing an event does. You can check out our advertising options here: http://springhillnow.com/advertising-with-us

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