Planning commission recommends approval of Cemex mine rezoning

Expanded lime-rock mining by Cemex Construction Materials Florida cleared another hurdle this week when the Hernando County Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approval for the rezoning of 573 acres of land north of Cortez Boulevard in (5)

County commissioners will take up the rezoning next month, along with several other approvals related to the connecting road system, a conservation easement and a so-called “good neighbor” plan to ensure nearby residents do not suffer water well or structural impacts from the mining activity.

Cemex has fought for the mining expansion for eight years against some of the strongest public opposition to any project in recent history. The site, sandwiched between Cortez Boulevard and Fort Dade Avenue west of Cobb Road, would expand and extend for 20 years mining operations that are now north of Fort Dade.

The only opposition present at Monday’s Planning and Zoning Commission hearing was Mary Ellen Urban, who lives near the site. She said she knows that the mining will happen despite all of the opposition, and she hoped the company will keep neighbors informed of what is happening and limit the negative impacts on the community.

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