Pine Island Drum Circle Brings Rhythm & Connection to Hernando Beach

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Soothing rhythmic drumming and dancers in beautiful vibrant garb have made watching the sun set at Pine Island beach a little more special this past year. The Pine Island Drum Circle was started by a few professional drummers a little over a year ago and has quickly grown into a large group that comes together twice a month to create an entirely new sound of improvised music. With just a few rhythm starters, the rest of the circle joins in and begins to experience the fun, excitement, playfulness, and humor that collaboration brings. The participants make up the music as they go along, using their listening and playing skills to make musical connections and express themselves in any and all ways that feel right. Sometimes other instruments, such as flutes, didgeridoos, and percussion instruments, are used but the main objective is to share rhythm, get in tune with one another, and form a group consciousness. When this happens, a collective new voice emerges from the group as they drum together and resonate. Dancers of all ages move to the music inside the drum circle. Some women dance in beautiful tribal outfits with their coin belts jingling to the beat of the drums. Long angel wings, scarves, gypsy skirts, and veils in a variety of colors can be seen blowing in the wind as the women twirl and dance around the inner circle, tantalizing the senses. The family-friendly group encourages children to join in the fun and it’s a joy to watch them imitating the movements of the dancers and playing their little drums.

PIDC2The Pine Island Drum Circle is an asset to Hernando County, providing a unique and powerful way to bring individuals together through music. Drumming is an ancient musical tradition with a charismatic sound that many cultures around the world have used to get energized, focus attention, relax and heighten creativity. It can also be used as a type of meditation. By concentrating on just the beat of the drums and blocking out everything else around you, you can be brought into an altered state. No matter what age, whenever we hear drumming, we all begin to move to those universal rhythms inside of us so it’s a lot of fun for everyone, including the onlookers who get caught up by the drumming beat while passing by then ever so slowly begin to move a little, then more, and more. It’s a party to all your inner expression, bringing irresistible smiles to both young and old and encouraging those who are usually shy to show off their moves. Before you know it, they are dancing like they’ve never danced before! The Pine Island Drum Circle is a friendly group that welcomes all. The drum circles are hosted twice a month on Sundays and the drumming starts three hours before sunset. The dates are posted on their Facebook page as well as a list of rules that must be adhered to. Drumming and dancing to the sun setting is a sight to behold so head to Pine Island and see for yourself! Meet new people, make new friends, or just observe and relax but don’t forget your camera. Your heart will thank you for it and you’ll definitely leave with a smile on your face.

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Marie C. Dimino

Marie C. Dimino

About the Author:  Marie C. Dimino is a poet and freelance writer who currently runs her Blog, Small Talk – Ideas of Worth, which displays a variety of her informative articles, and MardimArts.Com, where she creates customized, personal expressions.  Her work was displayed and sold in choice stores in NYC.  Marie was also affiliated with The C.R.O.P. Program in Delaware County, NY, as a Literary Artist.  She helped set up after school workshops by writing stories for children K-3 and created storyboards based on her tales.  She has recently relocated to Spring Hill from New York.  Her passion for writing is poetically influenced by the world around her, and has been credited as “naturally capable of being able to see the beauty in all things.”   Check out her blog at:




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