Pine Island Beach in Hernando County, FL

pine island beach fl

Article by: Marie C. Dimino

Pine Island Beach (also known as Alfred McKethan Park) is a three-acre area on the Gulf of Mexico located at 10800 Pine Island Drive, Spring Hill, FL 34607 (off County Road 495 west of Weeki Wachee). Locals and tourists alike enjoy the peaceful, laid-back atmosphere and escaping the loud and boisterous crowds of the larger beaches in Florida. It has a quaint, remote, country-like setting. The last five miles of the drive to Pine Island Beach is lined with palm trees, wetlands, and stilt homes. With water along both sides of the road, the drive includes sightings of countless wading birds, shorebirds, and waterfowl in a tropical setting filled with exotic wildlife and mangroves. Deer, alligators, turtles, and other animals can sometimes be spotted crossing the road too!

Pine Island is open from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and parking is $5 per car (paid at a pay station located in the parking lot which accepts cash or credit/debit). The beach is clean, the sand is white, and the water is gentle. The waves are not huge and shallow depths make swimming or wading ideal for all ages. There are several sheltered pavilions with picnic tables, barbecue grills, volleyball courts, a large playground, and restrooms. There is also a concession stand which offers a variety of food, drinks, and snacks. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited and pets have to stay home (except for service animals).

This beach is also known for its sensational sunsets and people often come to take photographs or just to relax and enjoy the evening. A wooden platform with an observation point to view the ocean extends across the sand and makes a great spot to watch the sun set. It’s not unusual to see local students all dressed up for a special dance or outing using the beautiful scenery for photos or to see a couple exchanging vows. Hundreds of seagulls gather together in the evening hours. They can be seen flying across the open skies and settling down on the ocean’s shore.  Their cries to each other are like a song of praise, the music of dusk that celebrates their joy and freedom. For sunrise and sunset times visit,_Pine_Island,_Florida.aspx


 Pine Island Beach
10800 Pine Island Drive
Spring Hill, Florida 34607

Marie C. Dimino

About the Author:  Marie C. Dimino is a poet and freelance writer who currently runs her Blog, Small Talk – Ideas of Worth, which displays a variety of her informative articles, and MardimArts.Com, where she creates customized, personal expressions.  Her work was displayed and sold in choice stores in NYC.  Marie was also affiliated with The C.R.O.P. Program in Delaware County, NY, as a Literary Artist.  She helped set up after school workshops by writing stories for children K-3 and created storyboards based on her tales.  She has recently relocated to Spring Hill from New York.  Her passion for writing is poetically influenced by the world around her, and has been credited as “naturally capable of being able to see the beauty in all things.”   Check out her blog at:

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