Our Natural Florida

Have you ever noticed the little, very old sign that sits just east of the 7-11 on Spring Hill Drive near the waterfall at US 19?  The sign denotes the neighborhood as a bird habitat.  This is due in part to the beautiful rookery which sits in the middle of nearby Hunter’s Lake, the proximity of the area to the estuarial coastline of Aripeka and Hernando Beach, and the nearby 6,000 acre wildlife conservation area that we just call “the bear preserve” in our  household.

Florida is home to more than 700 terrestrial animals, 200 freshwater fish, and more than 500 marine fish and mammals.  The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) manages Florida’s more than 5.8 million acres of Wildlife Management Area (WMA)logo-fwc lands.  They also provide stewardship over the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail,  a network of nearly 500 sites throughout Florida selected for their excellent birdwatching, wildlife viewing or educational opportunities. This 2,000-mile, self-guided highway trail is designed to conserve and enhance Florida’s wildlife habitats by promoting birdwatching and wildlife viewing activities.

If you love nature, we hope you are leveraging the opportunities for hiking, viewing and tracking the abundant wildlife that Florida’s Nature Coast has to offer.

We hope you choose to use this information to DISCOVER WILDLIFE!


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