One Time Promo Article Details

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Do you have something you’d like the community to know about your company?
Hosting an event or have an offer that residents can take advantage of?
Something changing in your business like a remodel or new look? offers a promotional article that will help spread the word and reach thousands of local residents. The article will be written in a way that encourages fans to check out your business, come to your event, or redeem your offer. It will appear as an individual article on the homepage of the site, be promoted to thousands of fans on the SHN Facebook page, be shared in various Facebook groups as applicable, and will be listed under the “events” tab of under the appropriate month. The cost is $100.

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Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 3.50.02 PM

Want your spotlight article or one-time feature to remain on the homepage longer?
We can do that!

Want your Facebook promotion to reach a larger guaranteed number of people (up to 75,000)?
We can do that too!

Our enhancements guarantee your article
will appear on the homepage of the site for 2 weeks and a guaranteed reach:


Promo articles are not used to share general info about your business (that would be a spotlight article).
One-time promo articles are only available for certain events/offers and are offered on a very limited basis each month.

If you are interested in running a one-time article please email the details of your event or announcement along with which option you are interested in to and I will respond to your request within 24 hours to discuss eligibility.

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