Non-traditional People Buy Homes Too!

fam2Homeownership is traditionally viewed as a step that married couples take when they are ready to settle down and start a family….

For real estate agents, gone are the days of catering strictly to young married couples buying a big house to raise their kids in or empty nesters looking to downsize their lifestyle! While these still are the largest two groups involved in buying and selling real estate, buyers are emerging from all walks of life that don’t fit the traditional mold. The decline of home values and interest rates has created unprecedented affordability, which has opened up the possibility of homeownership to individuals (not just families).

The attitudes of buyers shape the market and we are seeing a shift in the ideals about homeownership. According to the National Association of Realtors the number of single people buying homes is increasing steadily. Contrary to the traditional ideas about buying a house, these buyers seem to view their house more as an investment that should match their current needs with consideration for their future needs, rather then buying for the intended future use of the property. Single men are seeking bachelor pads. Single women are seeking an oasis that blends their personal taste and lifestyle. Single parents are seeking to provide the traditional stability of homeownership to their children.

For all buyers, homeownership is about building wealth, creating stability, and having the ability to tailor their own personal space. Owning a home is a dream for most people in American society…but it should be thought of as a goal rather than a dream. A goal is obtainable. It’s tangible. It’s real. Buying a house doesn’t have to be a life “step” that is made under traditional circumstances….Once a person or a family has set their goal for buying a home all that’s needed is a plan to make it happen!

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