Nature Coast Star Trekkers

Wallpaper-star-trek-the-next-generation-32404554-1280-720Trekkers of Hernando County unite! The Nature Coast Star Trekkers is a group of Star Trek fans that meet monthly, discuss the shows and movies, go on fun family-friendly outings together, attend Star Trek (or other Sci-fi) conventions, participate in community service projects or just hang out and play Star Trek-related trivia games or role-playing games. Costumes are not required but attendees are welcome to wear them. Organizer Kathryn Dentato and her husband are long-time Star Trek fans. Kathryn attempted to start a Star Trek fan group 19 years ago and placed an ad in the Pasco Times. The man who is now her husband was the only respondent. Eighteen years later they are still married and the age of technology makes it much easier for people with similar interests to connect so if you’re interested in joining the Nature Coast Star Trekkers check them out on Meetup at or email Kathryn for additional information at

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