Mobile Massage Therapy!

Irene McBryan, LMT

For a unique and beneficial experience, we recommend the services of Irene McBryan, LMT.  Irene’s Mobile Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage offers the client an amazing massage experience in the comfort and safety of their own home.  This highly professional masseuse provides everything needed for any one of her six certified services; massage table, massage chair, dignified draping to help with mutual relaxation, and metaphysical music for a full experience.  The only thing required from YOU is that you schedule some time, call for an appointment, open the front door when she arrives, and that you welcome her in an open fashion to address your specific issues.

Irene is now accepting a limited number of new clients.

Professionally trained in traditional asian modalities; Certified in lymphatic techniques (clinical massage which improves fluid movement throughout the ducts of the circulatory system and addresses edema and swelling); Reiki I & II (energy work intended to aid spiritual clearing), Qigong (a holistic system of coordinated body-posture and movement, breathing, and meditation), and Reflexology of the hand and foot (accupressure technique which provides relief to internal organs and improves mobility via synovial fluid movement);

Irene believes that your health will benefit from monthly sessions; having worked with animals for 10 years she recognizes that healing energy work requires time and attention.

Her interest lies in helping people regain mobility, achieve pain relief and well being

National certified, Fully licensed thru the State of Florida Division of Business and Professional Regulations Board of Massage Therapy; and insured for $1,000,000/$3,000,000

Call to discuss $40 introductory offer; referrals to friends are valued


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