Man accused of dragging dog behind truck gets 270 days after accepting plea deal

The man accused of dragging a young pit bull by a rope that was tied to the back of a pickup truck bumper has accepted a plea deal. DOG 7_1557012027934.jpg_86037587_ver1.0_640_360 Gregory Tousignant_1557393102038.jpg_86863104_ver1.0_640_360

Gregory Tousignant has accepted a plea deal of 270 days after pleading guilty on an animal neglect charge Wednesday.

Deputies received calls back on May 3 of the dog being dragged by a truck that was going 30 to 40 miles per hour, and hurled onto the road.

The pit bull named Ollie suffered severe road rash all over his body with the pads of his feet worn off. Thankfully, Ollie had no broken bones or internal injuries

Deputies said Tousignant was unaware the dog had jumped out of the bed of his truck.

It is illegal to carry any pet in the bed of a truck that is not properly secured and prevented from jumping out of a moving vehicle.

Ollie is currently in the care of a veterinarian on his way to a full recovery and was thoroughly enjoying all of his visitors and gifts.

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