Love for Little Logan: A Letter From the Editor

loganMost of the news stories that we are bombarded with each day are distant from our lives and while we may pause for a moment and think “how sad” or “my goodness that’s horrible” we can easily move on to our work that needs tending to, or the children that need tending to, or some other aspect of life that always needs tending to. We all know that there are real people behind those headlines but rarely do we internalize it. Four year old Logan is a local boy battling stage four Neuroblastoma cancer. Cancer? Four? He was diagnosed in November and his tiny body has already fought through seven rounds of chemo, surgery to remove the tumor (they couldn’t remove it all because it was in pieces), Stem Cell harvesting, ICU, radiation, a seizure….After all of that his MRI revealed that he actually has five tumors in his head and his doctors had to come up with an entirely new treatment plan before continuing radiation and more chemo. They have decided that an investigational study in New York is the next step for Logan. Four years old. Do you know any four year olds? They are sweet. They are full of curiosity. They are quick to give a hug or comfort someone who’s sad. They are as gentle as they are rough. They have their own ideas about what they like. They are excited about EVERYTHING. Logan is a beautiful four year old little boy who loves everyone he meets. Please pause for a moment and internalize it. Say a prayer or send a good vibe…whatever it is that you believe in…but truly feel for this family. Visit his Facebook page (click here) to let this family know that all of Hernando County is thinking of Logan and “like” it to stay updated on his progress. They are standing in faith. Logan is a trooper!

P.S. I know that some of you will read this story and want to help in some way! You can click here to make a donation to Logan or if you would like to send a card or a donation to help Logan and his family make it to New York mail can be sent to 907 Loganderry Lane, Apt 202, Plant City, FL 33563. Logan also likes Ninja Turtles, Toy Story, Despicable Me, SpongeBob, and Dinosaurs if you’d like to send him a get well gift.

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