Local Handyman Arrested for Armed Burglary

On February 21st, 2018 Hernando County Fire Rescue was dispatched to 7124 Barclay Avenue in Brooksville for aShowThumb (4) male having a medical episode. The victim, who was very ill, was unable to unlock the door for emergency personnel to enter. In order to provide emergency medical services to the patient, personnel from HCFR shattered a sliding glass door to gain entry. The victim was treated on scene by HCFR and then transported to a hospital for additional medical care. The victim remained hospitalized for several weeks.

While the victim was hospitalized, the suspect, Peter Tozzi, contacted family members of the victim to say that he was a “handy man” and could/would repair the shattered glass slider. Tozzi lives nearby in the apartment complex. The victim paid for the service and expected the glass to be repaired.

Upon returning to the residence, the victim observed the glass slider to be damaged and numerous items to be missing from his residence. The victim told detectives the only persons having access to his home were the emergency responders and the “handy man” also known as Peter Tozzi. Investigation revealed that Tozzi pawned items at a local pawn shop, just days after the victim was hospitalized. The victim was able to positively identify one particular piece of jewelry as being his own. At this time, detectives developed probable cause for the arrest of Tozzi. Following interviews with Tozzi and the recovery of stolen items from the pawn shop, Tozzi was placed under arrest.

Peter Richard Tozzi W/M DOB/03-10-1949 was charged as follows:

– Armed Burglary of a Dwelling
– Dealing in Stolen Property
– Defrauding a Pawn Broker
– Bond – $12,000.

Peter Tozzi is self-employed, doing business as “Paradise Handy Man.”

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