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Liz6Lots of beautiful memories and a few precious photos are all that I have left of my dad since he passed away. Those memories and photos are priceless and I’d trade almost anything in the world to have just a few more of each. His passing and the birth of my first child have taught me a very important lesson: There are moments in life that bring us so much joy, we are confident we could never forget them. However, even though the feeling we had in that moment may be imprinted on our hearts forever, the memory will fade with time and the details will be lost to us. I can remember my heart bursting with love the first time I saw my toothless baby smile but the exactness of her face is lost until I can see the image that I captured with my cell phone’s camera…and that picture makes my heart burst all over again. I now know the value of capturing life and love…and so does Lizvette Wreath.

In my search for a local photographer I stumbled upon Lizvette’s Instagram account. Her eye for raw emotion and capturing moments of intimacy during her photo sessions blew me away. She was just who I was looking for. I called to speak with her about scheduling a session assuming that, like the other photographers I’ve used, the process of working with Lizvette only included a call and picture day. Wrong. We set up an initial meeting where she thoroughly went over what I wanted as far as the look and feel of the photos. She gave suggestions about outfit colors that would look nice and inquired about where I would be displaying the photos. She used the coolest software I’ve ever seen to create a custom collage in various photo sizes specifically designed for my wall. She was friendly and shared about her passion for her work. She’s been obsessed with photography since she was a little girl and especially loves to photograph couples, families, babies, and births. She donates her services to families with children who are terminally ill. She is a member of the Professional Photographers of America and has been featured on CNN, Birth Without Fear, Paperie Boutique, and in Chic Magazine. She is an army wife so she has to rebuild her clientele every few years when she and her husband get a new assignment. Lucky for us they are stationed in Hernando County for the next few years!Lizvette

After meeting Lizvette and learning more about her I was even more excited for our photo session. I opted for a “lifestyle session” where we’d basically use our home as the setting and our favorite things as the props. The day of our session Lizvette arrived right on time and completely prepared to help two nervous parents and a cranky two year old get comfortable and have some fun. She offered enough direction to ensure there were no awkward positions or closed eyes and enough freedom to let our family’s natural chemistry shine through. We snuggled on the couch and played tea party. The end result was a set of images and a short video that captured not just the image, but the essence of my family as it is today and brought tears to my eyes. Click here to see a sample of one of her beautiful videos. She had snapped pictures not only of the planned shots with the planned props, but also the moments in between that make up who we really are. Knowing very little about us as a family, Lizvette had captured so many of the minute details that I want to remember forever, but will surely fade from memory with time. I feel grateful to have found her and that she shared her gift of freezing time and emotion in an image that I can look back on and cherish. I can’t say enough about our experience. If you are considering having professional photos taken Lizvette Wreath will give you a wonderful experience and leave you with some beautiful shots. Click on one of her photos below to see more of her beautiful work.

Lizvette Wreath Photography
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