K-9 Valor Locates Aggravated Assault Suspect

Yesterday morning around 2 A.M., Hernando County deputies were dispatched to 9563 River Road regarding aShowThumb Weapons Disturbance. Callers reported that one person was possibly attacking another person with the metal wand from a pressure washer. Upon arrival, deputies learned that Ryan Bennett came to the residence to speak to his ex-girlfriend, Robyn Dematteo. Dematteo went outside to attempt to get Bennett to leave the premises, as she had done several times earlier in the day. During this time, Bennett was becoming more and more irrational. After a few minutes, Dematteo’s new boyfriend, Clifford Garrow, went outside to check on her. Bennett immediately picked up something, later determined to be the metal wand from a pressure washer, and began swinging it at Garrow.

Garrow advised deputies that it was so dark, he was unable to see what type of object Bennett was swinging at him, putting him in fear for his life. Garrow knocked the metal wand out of Bennett’s hand, and a struggle ensued. Garrow then placed Bennett in a bear-hug in order to subdue him. During this time, Bennett bit Garrow on the left eye. Afraid that he would be bitten again, Garrow let go of Bennett.

Bennett fled when he realized law enforcement had been called. In an effort to locate Bennett, Deputy Jeff Andrews26112287_1576195605748878_2546916209741497051_n deployed K-9 Valor who quickly located Bennett, hiding in the back yard of an adjacent property, located at 9571 River Road. Bennett refused to comply with lawful commands  at which time K-9 Valor engaged Bennett, biting him in his left forearm. Bennett was transported to Oak Hill Hospital by Hernando County Fire Rescue, where he was treated for the dog bite. Once released from the hospital, Bennett was placed under arrest. Ryan Lee Bennett W/M DOB/04-11-1976 was charged as follows:

– Aggravated Assault
– Battery
– Possession of Marijuana (located where Bennett was hiding)
– Bond – $4,000.

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