Interactive Crime Mapping Program for Hernando County, FL

crime1The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office website has a kind of hidden but very cool feature on it…an interactive crime mapping program! This mapping technology utilizes Google Maps to show crime data and is updated at 6:00 a.m. daily. Once logged on to the crime mapping site, citizens can view reported crime(s) within Hernando County or a specific radius around a desired address and sign up to be notified of recent crimes near a specified address. The search produces current crime data, as well as some historical data. Not all crimes appear (child abuse, sexual assaults, exploitation of the elderly, and stalking) due to exemptions imposed by the Florida Public Records Law, Chapter 119, which requires the identity of the victims of these types of crimes to be protected. The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office was the sixth law enforcement agency in the United States to utilize this innovative program. This program is NOT supported by tax-payer’s dollars. The monthly program fee of $250 is paid with Law Enforcement Trust Funds. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE CRIME MAPPING PROGRAM NOW or CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR EMAIL ALERTS OF CRIMES IN YOUR AREA. 

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