How Reviews Local Restaurants in Hernando County, FL

Hernando County offers a variety of restaurants including some of the best corporate giants and family owned operations. As lovers of all things delicious we thought it would be great to include reviews of our local eateries on! Aside from the basic information about the place (i.e. name, address, phone number, etc.) here is how we rate each restaurant and what you can expect to see in our reviews:

  • Cuisine and Suggestions- This will include the kind of food that is served and suggestions about when it’s best to have a meal there (i.e. lunch, dinner, special occasion, etc.) or what to wear and more.
  • Expect to spend- This will give you a general idea of price and what that price includes (i.e. dinner for two with drinks and an appetizer).
  • Peaks- This will include the “peaks” or best parts of our experience (as a quick overview).
  • Pits- This will include the “pits” or parts of our experience that were lacking (as a quick overview).

The Scoring System- The restaurant will be scored in the following 5 categories with either a 0, 1/2, or 1 score to make up an overall experience score and each category will be discussed in the review:

  1. Initial impression and cleanliness- Let’s just sum the explanation of this category up with two great sayings every restaurant owner should live by:¬†First, “you never get a second change to make a first impression”. How friendly and promptly are customers greeted? How comfortable is the wait for a table? Second, “you can judge the cleanliness of a restaurant’s kitchen by how clean they keep their floors and bathrooms”. Is this saying 100% accurate? Probably not….but if they’re willing to keep a sparkling toilet they’re probably pretty good about making sure the kitchen is kept tidy!
  2. Taste and quality of the food- This is a pretty straight forward category. In our opinion, paying customers should receive fair portions that taste yummy and are the appropriate temperature. Not to much to ask right?!?
  3. Service- A restaurant with great food can ultimately fail because the service is lacking. Servers should be friendly, polite, and accommodating….just sayin’!
  4. Ambiance- Does the place give you the experience and feeling you were expecting? Is it a comfortable place to eat or do just want to choke your food down and get out of there?
  5. The Closing- We want a good experience the ENTIRE meal…a strong start and a great finish….no disappearing once the meal is served while we’re waiting in desperate need of some ketchup for the fries or setting the check down before we’ve ordered the cheesecake that looks so tasty in the photo!
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