Horse Rescued in Hernando Co. Has Surprising History

A neglected horse seized from its owner in Hernando County turns out to be a former thoroughbred race horse with a champion bloodline.

The horse was removed from a property in Ridge Manor last Friday. Its owner, 68-year-old Kay Davis, has been charged with misdemeanor animal

Since then, the animal has been recovering at Jenks Ranch and Rescue in Spring Hill.

“He’s in what I would consider critical condition,” said rehabber Christina Jenks.  “All the fat and muscle have just been eaten away.”

Jenks said she was able to trace the five-year-old horse’s past, thanks to a tattoo on the inside of his upper lip.

As it turns out, the horse’s formal name is “Weapons Grade,” son of racing champion “Big Drama.”  As a foal, Weapons Grade was sold for $45,000 and again the next year for $48,000.

Jenks said the horse changed hands a few more times before he was found malnourished and emaciated on Davis’s property. She said she was able to get in touch with one of Weapons Grade’s former trainers, who was shocked to learn what had happened to him.

“He actually remembers the horse and knows who he is, and to see that he kind of slipped through the cracks and ended up in this condition is devastating,” Jenks said.


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