Hometown Hero: The Batman of Spring Hill Spreads Joy to Sick Kids


Jack as Batman with Ben who was recently struck by a car while walking to school in Spring Hill.

Batman is living among us. He’s left behind his crime fighting days in the grim underworld of Gotham City for a quiet life in the Nature Coast. If you see him dressed in uniform these days it will likely be at an event raising money for sick children…but it’s not Bruce Wayne under the mask.

Jack Asbury III, 28, was born and raised in Hernando County. Six years ago his first child was born at 27 weeks gestation and she spent three months in All Children’s Hospital. She couldn’t be held for the first month of her life. She was tiny and doctors were uncertain about how her prematurity would affect her development. Most parents are wired to protect their children, to prevent harm to them, to ease their pain. Jack felt helpless in that hospital. He spent those months in All Children’s watching his daughter fight, and watching other parents suffer along side him as their kids did the same. Jack left All Children’s with a healthy baby girl and a soft spot for hurting families.

A few years later Jack bought a Batman costume and began venturing out in the community to bring a little light to the darkness that comes with being a sick child…and caring for a sick child. As Batman, Jack brings a few moments of joy to kids who are hurting. He affords them an experience where they forget about the endless parade of sharp needles and doctors visits. Jack gives them the gift of being able to just be a kid for a little while. He watches them light up and their parents relax, and everyone’s worries disappear momentarily…and that’s why he does it. Not for compensation or recognition. Just to give back and bring awareness to families in need. He’s a hero to those kids and he’s an inspiration to our community.

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