Hometown Hero: Deputy Lance Origon Dedicates a Decade to Keeping Hernando County Safe

Deputy Lance Origon

Deputy Lance Origon

Our community relies on the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office to keep us safe. As tax paying citizens we expect it and, when thinking of the Sheriff’s Office as a major organization, it can be easy to not give enough credit to the individual sacrifices of it’s 312 sworn public servants that patrol our streets.

Deputy Lance Origon is one of those public servants. He has served Hernando County for more than a decade. He is an assistant SWAT Team Leader and a Field Training Officer. He has been recognized multiple times for going above and beyond in protecting and serving. Even with all that time and recognition under his belt, Deputy Origon continues to be humble and dedicated, and strives to be the best he can be in the field.

Deputy Origon is the type of man we want behind a badge. He is described as “helpful” and “honest.” Professionally, he is said to be a “stand-up citizen” that is fair and respectful when interacting with people in the community. Those who know him personally, however, would first describe Deputy Origon as a wonderful husband and a fantasic father…and that’s where his greatest sacrifice lies.

Like all deputies, Lance Origon puts on his uniform each shift, attaches his badge, straps on his duty belt, and heads out to risk his own well being to protect the families of strangers. He leaves his house and worried wife behind so that you and I feel safe in our homes. He kisses his children goodbye and heads out to help kids he’s never met. His job is dangerous, stressful, and often thankless…and it is us, the residents of Hernando County, who reap the benefits of his hard work most.

Thank you for your dedication, professionalism, and selfless service to our community Deputy Origon.
You are a true hometown hero!

“I don’t, as sheriff, get to interact with individual deputies as often as I would like. Fortunately, I have had the pleasure to interact with Deputy Lance Origon on several occasions in the field and have seen firsthand the qualities mentioned in his nomination. He is a great representative of the dozens and dozens of like-minded deputies here at the Sheriff’s Office.” -Sheriff Al Nienhuis

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