Hernando Diabetes Alliance

diabetesThe Hernando Diabetes Alliance (HDA) offers the community a one-stop diabetes resource. Hernando County’s central phone number is 855-221-5031 and website is HernandoDiabetes.com for information on everything that is needed for diabetics to care for themselves. The overall strategy of the Hernando Diabetes Alliance is to bring all the individuals and organizations who are currently offering one or more diabetes education and management services together to focus on the development of a long-term effective program. HDA brings all the individualized efforts into one alliance of focused, committed healthcare professionals with the goal to “Improve the health and quality of life of those with pre-diabetes and those who have already been diagnosed with diabetes, thereby, reducing the financial impact on the healthcare community while enhancing and prolonging the life of those affected with this progressive disease.”

In addition the Hernando Diabetes Alliance will be creating a physician advisory council (PAC) of those who treat diabetics. It will consist of an ophthalmologist, nephrologist, neurologist, cardiologist, internal medicine and functional medicine and nutrition physician, podiatrist, endocrinologist and other specialties. In 2014 the Hernando Diabetes Alliance will develop a program to offer the following:

  • One-on-one counseling throughout the year by appointment
  • Small group session education on a monthly basis
  • Large group diabetes 101 with community development education on a quarterly basis
  • A 24 hour/seven day a week hotline with call backs the next day during off hours
  • Diabetes prevention series and support group throughout the year
  • The HDA will focus on events throughout the year targeted to community weight management.
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