Hernando County Road Conditions Remain Dangerous

US-98 (Ponce De Leon Boulevard) and Cobb Road

US-98 (Ponce De Leon Boulevard) and Cobb Road -Photo by the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office

Hernando County Emergency Management has crews throughout the entire county reporting EXTENSIVE DAMAGE and VERY DANGEROUS conditions on roadways. They are stressing the need to have residents remain in their homes and not venture outside. Numerous electrical lines are down mixed in with debris, large trees, in water, and we cannot guarantee they are de-energized. Wide spread flooding is being reported on roadways. Please let the crews work and do not put yourself into a position to become a victim.

Hernando County Emergency Management’s road closure listings due to flooding, non-functioning traffic lights, down trees and/or electrical lines are available at www.hernandocounty.us/em . Numerous roadways are obstructed and crews are working to clear them as quickly as possible.

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