Hernando County Housing Authority is considering interlocal agreement with Brooksville Housing Authority

The Hernando County Housing Authority (HCHA) was presented with the idea of an interlocal agreement with the Brooksville Housing Authority (BHA), where the HCHA would become a managing entity of the BHA.  The discussion ended in a 4-0 vote to review the agreement.IMG_20190602_120325

Brooksville Housing Authority (BHA)  lost its Executive Director effective May 31, 2019. The BHA has appeared in the news several times  over its failure to move forward with any sale or future plan for Hillside Estates and Summit Villas, two housing developments which have been abandoned since 2012.

The two abandoned developments have become apopular site of urban explorers, videographers and photographers who specialize in capturing long-abandoned, yet mostly-intact structures with curious histories, sometimes adding their own spooky narratives.

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