Habitat for Humanity’s 2012 “Hero of the Year” Award

Elizabeth “Liz” Jennings, a Registered Nurse at Oak Hill hospital, is the 2012 recipient of Habitat for Humanity’s Hero of the Year Award. Ms. Jennings received the award on November 3rd at Habitat for Humanity’s Heroes’ Gala which was held at Southern Hills Plantation.

Jennings has been a Registered Nurse and a Hernando County resident for over 40 years and has been working at Oak Hill Hospital since 1991. Jennings has had a significant impact on Oak Hill and the local community throughout the last two decades. Ms. Jennings has volunteered to assist victims of domestic violence since the early 1970’s, where she assisted victims in relocating to safe locations and provided assistance with legal services. She has been actively involved with the Dawn Center, a local domestic violence shelter.

Ms. Jennings has been a member of the Dawn Center’s Board of Directors since the early 1990’s in a variety of positions. She is currently President of the Board of Directors of that organization. Ms. Jennings assists with the organizations multiple fund raisers throughout the year raising money for the Dawn Center. Additionally, Ms. Jennings is the nurse liaison for the S.A.V.E. team (sexual assault victim exam), which is an extension of the Hernando County Health Department and the Dawn Center. As a representative of the Dawn Center, Jennings has taken on-call duty, without compensation, for over 10 years. She has been available if an exam is required for a victim. She has also volunteered in numerous functions at the Dawn Center.

Ms. Jennings is involved with service organizations throughout the county including Hernando County Business and Professional Women (HCBPW). She has been an energetic member of HCBPW since 1995, and participates in numerous service projects. Furthermore, Jennings has been an active participant for over 20 years with the American Lung Association (ALA) and works on fundraisers such as the Annual Stair Climb in Tampa and the Clean Air Bike Ride at the Withlacoochee state trail. She is currently a regional board member.

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