Gas pump skimmers are growing threat to drivers in Florida

Officials want drivers to be aware of the risks, especially since many tourists visit our area.

There is a need for more protection and consumer awareness when it comes to hitting the pumps, especially at gas stations close to theme parks and other attractions. download (2)

Since last year, the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services found 1,200 skimmers.

The department just finished a sweep and found 259 skimmers over the last month.

Some thieves are wiring the skimmer and putting it in places where most won’t be able to recognize them.

The value of just one skimmer can be equivalent to $1 million in fraud.

Somethings you can do to protect yourself:

  1. Pay Inside. …
  2. Browse Your Bluetooth Connections. …
  3. Download Skimmer Scanner. …
  4. Keep a Close Eye on Your Account. …
  5. Ask Your Bank to Do Something.
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