Florida wants to create a state registry for pimps and johns

 Florida lawmakers think they have a novel way to end human trafficking – by creating a registry for pimps and johns.

State lawmakers are pushing a bill that would create a public database, similar to the state’s registry of sex offenders, that would list the names, photographs and addresses of pimps and johns who are convicted.MMR_Sex_Trafficking_Cases_2

 “This is like the first step, in really chiseling away at that demand side,” said Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle.

Rundle said she has worked with about 600 human trafficking victims over the years, and said the registry would be another tool to expose and track those who support the industry.

Florida, which has a large transient population, is considering a hotbed of human trafficking activity. About 261 of the country’s 4,000 sex trafficking cases were prosecuted in Florida last year.

Unlike the sex offender registry, the prostitution registry would not be available online, but will be a public record. The proposed legislation would allow johns to come off the registry if they don’t re-offend after five years.

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