Financial Assistance With Utilities & Rent for Hernando County, FL

midlforidaMid Florida Community Services offers a Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) which provides the following assistance to eligible applicants:

  • Regular Energy Assistance is designed to assist eligible participants with the ever increasing cost of their home energy expense. The program provides a credit payment ranging from $150-$300 dollars to be applied to their existing utility account. Regular Energy Assistance is restricted to once a year.
  • Crisis Energy Assistance provides assistance to eligible households in resolving a home energy emergency/crisis. Participants having received a final notice or disconnection of services are eligible to receive assistance in this category. Eligible participants may receive a credit payment up to $600.00 to be applied to their existing utility account.
  • Weather-related Crisis Assistance helps eligible households to resolve a home energy emergency caused by a specific weather related disaster as declared by the Governor.

Regular and Crisis Energy Assistance programs are administered throughout the year subject to fund availability. The program is funded through The Florida Department of Community Affairs Division of Housing and Community Development, and provides assistance to over 50,000 households annually. Eligibility for these programs requires the household income not to exceed 150% of the U.S. Poverty Guidelines.


Households interested in applying should contact Mid Florida Community Services office at (855) 643-3567 (1-855-mid-flor) to schedule an appointment. Applicants must be able to show some type of income and documentation of financial hardship (i.e. past due notice, reduced work hours, etc.). Social security cards for all family members and income verification is also required. Meeting eligibility requirements does not guarantee assistance as funds are limited. Visit Mid Florida Community Services’ website at

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