Feral Dogs Attack Pet Donkey

On 01-23-18 at approximately 11 p.m., a Hernando County Sheriff’s deputy responded to 1256 W. Jefferson Street (within the city limits of Brooksville) regarding an Animal Bite complaint.

Upon arrival, the deputy was advised that two feral dogs had attacked the family’s pet donkey.

A friend of the owner of the donkey told the AEO that he shot at the dogs, as the pet donkey was clearly in distress. One of the dogs was shot; the other ran away. The dog that ran away is described as white and grey with black specks. The dog that was shot, died on scene. Both dogs were described as “mixed breed” without any obvious attributes of any specific breed. The dogs were described by at least one person as “mutts.”

The pet donkey, suffering from injuries sustained in the attack, was euthanized, at the owner’s request, by the owner’s friend.

The case has been forwarded to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office Animal Enforcement Unit for follow-up.local news

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