Fan Testimonials

“Love love love this page!! I grew up in Spring Hill and this page is the only thing keeping me sane while living in the Northwest. Thank you for the awesome content.”
-Dani Luna

“Keeley- Thank you so much for listing all the different activities that Spring Hill/Brooksville has to offer. I have come to rely on you for all that is happening! :)”
-Bobbie Smith

“I am so glad that you post these events! I have lived in Hernando for 4 years and I have learned more in the past 6 months that I have started following your page about events in the County than I learned the entire time I lived here before! Keep it up!”
-Michelle Miller

“You have an amazing page and I have really learned more about Spring Hill/Hernando County thanks to your page. Thank you for keeping us all up to date. I told a school club today that they really need to share their events with you and utilize this great service of yours. I would send you a thank you (brownies from Send Out Cards), but I don’t have an address to do so. Thanks again!”
-Danielle Abernethy

“I like the info about things to do on Spring Hill Now, my two favorite finds have been Babycakes and Artful Possibilities! :0)”
-Tina Mennella Ogden

 “I’ve been a fan of SHN for a while now. I absolutely love how informative it is. I find out what I need to know about my county through you guys. You’re better than a newspaper to try and find out what’s going on in my local area. Thank you for doing what you do!”
-Charlotte Diaz

 “SpringHillNow is so informative about the area. I have been looking for just this sort of publication since I came to Spring Hill in March of ’07. I can find any information on activities for the grandchildren, social events, political, what is new how to get involved. I am so lucky to have my friend, Mary Kennedy to let me know you were out there!! Thank you, for all you do!!!”
-Stacey Nichols Guthrie

 “I like having a place to go to find out what is going on and what local businesses there are. I have new places to shop!”
-Patrice Carlo

 “I love that you are a young person that came up with such a great community minded idea and that you dedicate so much effort and time to spread the word about what is happening in Hernando County. So many people complain this area is boring but you prove them wrong with your amazing posts. Your amazing and your hard work is greatly appreciated.”
-Staci Lewis White

“I like how SHN keeps me up to date with all the local events. I have actually found a lot of business’s through this page too. Thank you for all your hard work!”
-Regina Walker Di Virgilis

 “I love that SpringHillNow keeps me informed on what’s going on around town!!! We just moved here… I’m loving it!!!”
-Michelle Jones Jackson

 “Spring Hill Now is great for discovering local businesses/events/news I might otherwise never be aware of.”
-Laura Johnson

“We are new to Spring Hill, and Spring Hill Now is an excellent way to learn more about the area and what it has to offer.”
-Debbi Alber

 “Spring Hill Now is an amazing and user friendly resource. It not only gives you an up to the minute guide of what to do and where to go, but it is keeping people local by posting these events clearly so that money is spent locally which helps our economy! I like that many times there are little back stories to go with the information they provide! The advertising is great as well because again, you want to stay local and give back to our community so this is a great resource to find what you need while not having to go our of our county. The restaurant guide is so helpful (though maybe not to my waistline! LOL!) as is the numerous other categories that are just full of information that is easy access to making every day in Hernando County a productive one! SHN is one stop shopping for all things great, fun and important and a resource I just can’t seem to live without!”
-Dani Byrnes Viverito

 “(SHN) is a great way to keep up with the local events that don’t make it to the newspapers.”
-Karen Marshburn Piazza

 “I love the “What to do on the Weekend” section. I found Sweetfields’s Sunflower farm there. Otherwise I never would have found it. Had an unforgettable time. Keep it up.”
-Barry Stafford

 “I think Spring Hill Now is great because it keeps everyone informed as to what’s going on in our town. My favorite part is you always have a helpful list of events of fun things that happen in the area and you always remember to update. Keep up the great work!”
-Kim Morra

 “I love this site . Being 20 and having 2 full time jobs and a house to upkeep I love how I can just go to the list of events and take my nieces or boyfriend out to do something . It makes it much easier then having to travel to far and less expensive.”
-Gabrielle Kathleen Zajac

 “I love your Face Book page and how you are presenting area news and interesting information. Great job.”
-Nancy Whitney-Conway

“Just wanted to say thank you. I’ve been looking for things to do in Spring Hill with my little 6 yr old Nyla so you are a great resource.”

“We LOVE SHN.. Having just relocated from clearwater we love the weekend family events guide! Keep it up and thank you!!! Love that it helps awesome organizations too.”
-Kari Mercaldi-Melville

“Thanks for posting the “happenings” in Spring Hill. I would not know about most of these fun things without you!”
-Stacey Pearce Smith

 “Spring Hill Now is the most useful thing on Facebook!”
-Elisha Drake

“Love the site. It keeps me informed of events, area news, & local businesses. I especially enjoy the nature photos. Wishing you continued success. Thanks!”
-Patricia Wright Nyberg

“I gotta say as someone new to the area – you have really helped me find out about events I probably would have never known about. Keep up the great work!”
-Alison Drouillard

“I personally am very grateful to you for this site. It has opened and widened my horizon living here (been here only 9 years);it has been a huge help and has made our lives a little better/happier. Thank you again.”
-Wilda Acosta Berrios

“I love your site, personally because of it, I’ve learned much more about events and places in Spring Hill, your always on top of the news that’s going around. Keep at it, your doing a wonderful job.”

“I really love this website! We have lived in Spring Hill for 20 years and finally we have a way to know about events BEFORE they happen. It is nice to participate in things that in the past the newspapers only reported about after the fact when we wished we had known before and could have experienced it instead of reading about it. Thank you so much.”

“Five months ago I moved from New York to Spring Hill. I wish I had known about SpringHill Now before I spent countless hours looking for places to go and things to do around the area. I searched the Internet but it was hard to research on my own as everything was scattered on several sites. Since I’ve discovered SpringHill Now, everything I need to know is narrowed down to one well-put together web site. I’ve enjoyed the restaurant reviews and have tried several places that were suggested. One click on SpringHill Nowkeeps me up to date on all the happenings right in my own neighborhood. I check it every day so that I don’t miss out on anything. I’ve already made new friends just by commenting on some posts. Thanks Keeley for all your hard work and time you put into making this a great go-to site for everyone who lives here!”
-Marie C. Dimino

“You are doing a GREAT job!!!!! I love this site. You put out so much information. Keep it up!”
-Terri-Anne Miller

   “Love SHN! It makes Spring Hill seem so much more relevant.”
-Rich Samburgh

 “You make Spring Hill seem interesting so you’re doing something right. Great site!”
-Carolyn Paccione Pfaff

“Love getting all this info. Thanks, Spring Hill now!”
-Mary Seeholzer Picon

“I think you guys are doing an awesome job. I love the pictures and knowing everything that’s going on around town. I’m constantly reporting your information for friends on Facebook. My friends in NY are amazed at how much we have going on. As am I . Thank you so much.”
-Wilda Acosta Berrios

“Had a great day going to all local and free kids events! Saw the Easter Bunny at Walgreens and got a free photo, went to the free Kids Safety Expo at Oak Hill where Jesse Jr. even got to crawl through a “house” with smoke and learn how to escape a fire and the kids did the teddy bear clinic, had McDonalds, then went to the Farmer’s Market, followed by the Botanical Gardens (thanks Mary White. for sharing about them), then a stop a Sweet Frogs for the first time which was fun making your own dessert, and then a quick stop by my Uncle’s moving sale. It really was a fun family day and I have to say thank you to Spring Hill Now, for their calendar of events telling us about all the free kiddie fun! :)”
-Jennifer Futrell Wright

“Keeley- Thank you for the updates and for having created Spring Hill Now- It is great, and I hope to see it grow!”

“Dear Keeley,
How refreshing! I no longer subscribe to the newspaper, so I say thank you for publishing Spring Hill Now! I came upon your news posting on the internet – a friend posted it to my Facebook page! Now, I feel connected again to happenings in the Spring Hill and surrounding area.”
-Joyce Angell

“Hi Keeley. Just wanted to say you have an awesome site here! Great job… I especially appreciate all the community services info you are providing. Thanks”
-Bettejo Indelicato

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