FaceBooth Time

Facebooth1While planning my wedding a few years back I stumbled across a company that rented out photo booths….You know? Like the kind in the mall where you squish in with your friends and ham it up while trying to figure out exactly where you should be looking…ending up with a few good laughs and a grainy strip of photos. I thought it was a really cute idea but it got lost in the shuffle of details. Recently I had the pleasure of being invited to an anniversary party and was a little surprised to see a much sleeker looking version of one of those booths! I watched as many of the guests walked past the booth curiously and eyed the long table displaying crazy hats, huge sunglasses, and a variety of props. As the party got underway the guests whispered about how the mysterious booth looked like it could be fun and speculated about who would be the first to give it a try. A family with small children….you knew they would go in. The young couple that just got engaged smooching and laughing. Predicted them too. The host’s 80+ year old mother wearing a massive gold chain with a dollar sign on it, a huge pair of pink sunglasses, and a coconut bra….what the?!? That did it! The ice had been broken! The guests swarmed the prop table trying things on, laughing at one another, and practicing the faces they would make. With feather boas and pinwheels in hand my husband and I took out turn….We had a blast and the strip of photos we took home with us was far from the grainy ones I remembered from the mall. They were as good as any digital photo you could take and have been a great conservation piece displayed on our fridge. We also got to record a video message for our hosts while inside the booth. As we existed, we were directed to a guest book that had a second copy of our images waiting. We wrote well wishes to the happy couple and left them with some CRAZY images, a great book of memories, and a good chuckle! Click here to check out their gallery of photos from various events.

Planning a party or event can be stressful, especially when the guest list is substantial.
How do you seat people?
How do you entertain them?
How do you ensure everyone has a good time?

Attending a party or event can be equally as stressful!
Where should you sit?
How do you break the ice with people you don’t know?
What will be the appropriate time to leave if you’re bored out of your mind?

FaceBooth Time’s photo booth WAS the entertainment for the evening. I was really impressed with the entire experience. The staff manning the booth was professional and fun. They did a great job getting the waiting guests excited and making sure that everyone knew that happy people take better pictures!  (It’s no wonder they have a portfolio that includes events for political officials and VERY large corporations.) We had as much fun waiting for our turn and viewing everyone else’s images on the display screen on the outside of the booth as we did taking our own photos. FaceBooth Time left each guest with a positive memory of the night and a strip of high quality pictures to remember it by. I would recommend having one at any kind of event where you’d like your guests to cut loose and have fun. I honestly can’t think of an event where these wouldn’t be the life of the party. If you are planning an event and considering one of these photo booths, FaceBooth Time is a local company that offers the  highest quality workmanship, technology, and customer service. They offer a variety of packages all of which are customizable to suit your event’s unique needs. You can click here to check out their basic options and then call (352)228-3133 or (352) 302-9953 for a free quote. Their schedule fills up fast so it’s never to early to call and reserve your event date.



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