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car accidentA few months back my car was involved in an accident. I immediately contacted the insurance company who offered to “handle everything” and within hours they sent someone to tow it to one of their facilities. I breathed a temporary sigh of relief that I had a professional insurer to alleviate me of the headache of dealing with the car repair. MY insurance company spent the next month and a half dragging their feet and, in the end, allowing them to control the situation cost me big bucks. When I recently sat down with the owners of Elite Euro Cars Collision Services I gained a world of understanding about the auto repair industry and how insurance companies operate. If you drive at all there’s a good chance that you may be in an accident one day so do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to keep reading because it could easily save you lots of money and ensure the safety of your family.

You spend money monthly for the protection that auto insurance offers so it’s easy to perceive the insurance company as having your best interest at heart or working for you. Despite this perception, the fact is that insurance companies are a for-profit, BIG business. When a claim is filed the insurance company does their best to keep the expense of those claims as low as possible. To achieve minimizing expenses major insurance companies often create a network of referral partners including auto shops. They refer customers to these shops for repairing damaged vehicles and, in exchange, the insurance company has a lot of say in what the cost of the recommended repairs should be and which repairs/replacements are “necessary”. The issue here is that costs for parts are fixed so reducing the cost of repairing damaged vehicles often means refurbishing parts that should be replaced, using aftermarket or used parts which may not be an exact match or may be made from cheaper metal (both of which cause safety issues), or cutting corners elsewhere. logo-web-jpegIf your vehicle is not repaired correctly the diminished value may be staggering and a subsequent accident can result in more serious injury. The insurance company “handling everything” removes you from the process and could risk the safety of you or your loved ones….and it’s unnecessary. Florida law says that insurance company must indemnify you, or make you whole. This means they HAVE to do whatever it takes to fix your vehicle correctly and you have the right to choose any auto shop YOU TRUST to make recommendations and repair your vehicle. It doesn’t cost you any more to have it done at the shop of your choosing and choosing your own auto shop gives you control over how your vehicle is fixed. So, why would you have your car fixed with inferior parts or to specifications that are meant to save money when you can have it fixed correctly at no additional expense?

Do not relinquish possession of your vehicle to anyone other then the shop of your choice. Your insurance company knows that being in an accident is often chaotic and trying to figure out what to do with a ton of twisted metal is a burden. They will make it very easy for you to use one of their referral partners by offering to send a tow truck or have a auto shop on stand by to assist you if you are able to drive the car there. Elite Euro Cars offers the same service as the insurance companies! If your car is not drivable you can call Elite anytime and they will have the vehicle towed to their shop. Whether you drive the car to them or it is towed in they will immediately inspect the vehicle to determine what needs to be done to return all safety features to pre-accident condition and to fix the vehicle to original manufacturer specifications. Because they work for you and not the insurance company their only concern is getting the car as close as possible to it’s pre-accident condition to make it as safe as possible and help to retain as much residual value as possible. They will contact and work with your insurance company for the repairs the same way the insurance company would work with one of their referral shops. As an added bonus because the car is not at one of their referral partners shops (who doesn’t charge them for storage if they’re dragging their feet) they will want to make the repairs as quickly as possible to avoid additional storage fees from Elite, so you’ll be back on the road sooner! Elite Euro Cars is a family owned and operated, full auto-body shop that can repair all vehicles and specializes in imports. The Turner Family has owned the shop for four years and all repairs are performed by factory trained technicians with over 20 years experience repairing and refinishing automobiles. They use an array of special procedures and techniques to ensure that the repairs are seamless and virtually invisible, even to the trained eye. They offer free inspections for cars that have been involved in accidents, cars that have been repaired by another shop (if you’d like a second opinion), or cars that are having any issues at all. If you are thinking of purchasing a car you can bring it in before you buy it and they’ll check it out for you for free!

Elite Euro Cars Collision Services, Inc.
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