Dirty Dining in Hernando County: Local Restaurant Shut Down for Failing Inspection

Hernando County Dirty DiningIt’s that time again! Time to look back at the past month and see which Hernando County restaurants landed in hot water with Florida’s Division of Hotels and Restaurants…you know those guys that make sure we’re not being served live roaches with our ribs and chicken. Only one restaurant passed their first inspection with ZERO VIOLATIONS and I kind of feel like Barbiecue (the food truck setup in front of Marker 48 brewing on Cortez Boulevard) deserves a plaque of some sort, a round of applause, and certainly our business for being exceptionally sanitary.

While the Barbiecue patrons reading this are rejoicing, those that frequent Spring Hill Diner, located at 3426 Deltona Boulevard, will be disheartened to hear that the establishment was temporarily closed down on April 26, 2017 after inspectors found live and dead roaches in the kitchen and food stored at unsafe temperatures. The high-priority violations were cleaned up and Spring Hill Diner was able to reopen the following day. Hong Kong Restaurant at 4337 Commercial Way and Aqua Bar & Grille at 1365 Kass Circle, both in Spring Hill, had administrative complaints recommended. Ten restaurants in the county received 20 or more violations during their inspections with some of them being big chains and very popular establishments.

Many of the restaurants listed below have remedied their issues and passed their follow up inspections.
Click here to check out the inspection results, conducted by Florida’s Division of Hotels and Restaurants, for the past 30 days.
Click here to search a particular restaurant and check out their recent inspection reports.

Hernando county dirty dining
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