Deputies Catch Vehicle Burglary Suspects Moments after Crimes Committed

Last night, Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies responded to Delta Woods Park in Spring Hill regarding a Vehicle Burglary. An investigation revealed that a window was broken out of the vehicle by unknown suspect(s) and a handbag stolen.  At approximately 6:05 p.m., a call was received from Erin’s Danceworks located at 3013 Landover Boulevard in Spring Hill. The caller stated that while a parent was dropping a child off for dance class, person unknown entered the vehicle and stole a handbag and nearly $1,000 in cash. A witness nearby observed a suspect vehicle and described it as a blue SUV.

At approximately 6:57 p.m., an alert citizen observed suspicious activity at Anderson Snow Sports Complex on Anderson Snow Road and immediately called the Sheriff’s Office. The citizen reported a suspicious vehicle in the complex, along with a white female, a white male, and a black male. The white male and white female were observed
exiting the blue SUV and “looking into vehicles” to potentially commit vehicle burglaries.

Deputies immediately responded to the sports complex where a traffic stop was conducted on a blue SUV with three
occupants inside. Deputies immediately observed several handbags and miscellaneous items, in plain view, that were consistent with items stolen in the vehicle burglaries that had just taken place. Deputies also observed broken glass
inside the SUV, possibly from one of the windows the suspects had smashed during the burglaries, and the black male had a fresh cut on his arm.

District Detective Chris Owens was called out to handle the investigation.

All three occupants of the vehicle, identified as Margaret Morgan, Cletus Jones, and Randall Brooks, were taken into custody and transported to the District Two Office for questioning.

Upon questioning, both Jones and Morgan, who are boyfriend and girlfriend, provided statements consistent with each other. Both stated Brooks offered them money to drive around to various locations with him so he could commit vehicle burglaries. Jones and Morgan tried to minimize their involvement; however, witness statements indicate they were also involved in the crimes. Brooks refused to speak to detectives.

The investigation revealed the trio committed vehicle burglaries at the following locations:

– Delta
Woods Park
– Erin’s Danceworks
– Veterans Park
– Anderson
Snow Sports Complex (three burglaries).

Detectives believe they have recovered a majority of the numerous items stolen by the trio. Detectives are currently working on returning the property back to the rightful owner(s).

Detectives would like to thank the citizens who assisted in this investigation by calling our office when they observed something they believed to be suspicious.

The individuals below were placed under arrest by detectives and charged as follows:

– Margaret Morgan W/F DOB/07-16-1980

Margaret Morgan

Margaret Morgan

Vehicle Burglary with enhancement of traveling across county lines with the intent to commit a burglary (7 counts)
– Cletus Jones W/M DOB/11-12-1988

Cletus Jones

Cletus Jones

Vehicle Burglary with enhancement of traveling across county lines with the intent to commit a burglary (7 counts)

– Randall Brooks B/M DOB/01-07-1982
Vehicle Burglary with enhancement of traveling across county lines with the intent to commit a burglary (7 counts).

Randall Brooks

Randall Brooks

The investigation remains active.

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