Crescent Community Clinic

Have you heard of the Crescent Community Clinic?  Its mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of the underserved, indigent and uninsured and to provide the best health care for all, regardless of ability to pay.  Located right on US 19 across from the big grey dinosaur (Harold’s), this clinic serves our community by providing uninsured adults the access to free medical, dental and mental healthcare.

If you are able, they would like your financial support.

Over 45,000 patient visits have been provided at the clinic since its founding in 2008.  Uninsured adults, ages 18 to 64 who meet federal poverty guidelines have the opportunity to have access to free health care for their chronic health, dental and mental health issues.

For those with mental health concerns, patients have access to psychiatrists, therapists and counselors. The Pharmaceutical Prescription Assistance program provided over $2,000,000 of free medication for patients so far this year.

Dr. Husam Abu Zarad’s message to our community is simple.  It reads as follows:

 “It is our desire to give back to our community.  Our Mission is quite simple.  It is:
To improve the health and well-being of the underserved, indigent and uninsured, to promote health literacy and to establish alliances that serve our community, and to provide the best health care that we are able to provide for all, regardless of ability to pay.

In addition, our focus is not just treating diseases, but providing ongoing preventive services, educating our patients and community about disease processes and improving the overall health of this community.

We hope that through the generosity and mentoring of the various physicians and volunteer staff, we, as people, will inspire others to give back to the community.  We hope not only to provide health care to those seeking medical attention but also to provide an educational environment for those considering healthcare as a possible career path.

We would like our fellow Hernando County residents (individuals & entities) to donate money and services to this worthwhile project.

You will not only be making a contribution to the Crescent Community Clinic but you will be investing in the future of healthcare in Hernando County.”

To donate to the Crescent Community Clinic, send a check to: 

Crescent Community Clinic
Attn: Barbara Sweinberg
5244 Commercial Way
Spring Hill, Fl 34606

Your 100% tax-deductable donation provides uninsured adults the access to free medical, dental and mental healthcare
Read more about the Crescent Community Clinic here
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