Brooksville Business Evacuated After Suspicious Device Found in Computer

Breaking_NewsHernando County 911 dispatchers received a call from employees at Regency Technologies, an electronic recycler in Brooksville, at 9:41 this morning advising that a suspicious device had been delivered to the business. The company had received a shipment of computers from the U.S. Military to be recycled. As employees opened up the battery compartment of one of the computers they noticed a playdough-like substance that resembled C-4 along with a blast cap and wires connected to a 9V battery. The computer was marked on the top with the word “training” but the Citrus County Bomb Squad has been called in to dispose of the computer just to be safe. Regency Technologies, along with other nearby businesses, have been evacuated. All of the remaining computers in the shipment checked out normal. Additional details will be provided when they become available.

UPDATE: The Citrus County Bomb Squad has cleared the scene at Regency Technologies. The computer has been disposed of and appeared to just be a training tool and was not an actual bomb. All businesses in the area that were evacuated have resumed normal operation.

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