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brians place hernando beach fl

The Ambiance of Brian's Place rates Brian’s Place a 5 out of 5 for overall experience.

  • Cuisine and Suggestions: Brian’s Place features a Latin American/Italian fusion menu along with fresh seafood. This place should top your list if you are in the mood for tantalizing your tastebuds with a creative integration of flavors, a great place to go out with friends for some drinks and appetizers, or an awesome date night featuring a full dining experience. The outdoor seating area has a beachy-vibe that offers a more relaxed atmosphere too.
  • Expect to spend: Not much for breakfast (served Saturday and Sunday mornings) or lunch. Dinners range from $11.99 to $24.99 and the menu features some unbelievable appetizer options for under $10.
  • Peaks: Presentation! Presentation! Presentation! Taste! Taste! Taste! This restaurant made me question whether anything else even mattered.
  • Pits: My only complaint would be the paper covering the linen on the tables…I’m a snob and I love eating on linen, but on the other hand if it keeps the price of dining down I can definitely put my snobbery aside.

Among the many restaurant choices in Hernando County, the menu options (think sesame seared yellow fin tuna served over saffron yellow rice, plantain salsa, and a roasted garlic mango sauce topped with avocado) and unbelievable food presentation are one of a kind at Brian’s Place. The ambiance and service have the finesse of a high end establishment while the food presentation rivals the trendiest Tampa restaurants. The grand staircase and dim lighting give a cozy feeling and the impression that you are about to dine in someone’s home, which helps set the tone for a very comfortable and relaxing experience.

brians place hernando beach florida

Parsley Ginger Grouper Cake Special

We started with a couple of glasses of the homemade sangria and two of the appetizer specials, on the advice of our server. The Grouper Cake was perfectly crisped on the outside with lump after lump of grouper on the inside. It was so tasty that I hesitated to try it with the sauce…but it just took the flavor to another level! For the sake of this review we opted for regular menu items rather than specials for dinner. The Italian Mojo Grilled Flat Iron Steak was tender and cooked just right, but it was the pecorino onion rings and side of tortellini tossed in a caper-red pepper cream with asiago that really made the dish exceptional. The Grouper with Plantain 3-Way was incredible! The local grouper is pan seared and served over buttermilk mashed potatoes with carmelized plantains on a plantain cream and topped with plantain crisps. Trust me on this one….if you are a fish person then you MUST TRY IT! Our meal also included freshly baked bread, a delicious bowl of soup, and the Roasted Corn Ceasar Salad. Saying that the food is unique would be the simple way to describe Brian’s Place. However, it truly is an experience that stimulates all of your senses with  the aroma, texture, presentation, and unbelievable taste of each dish. The menu has been carefully thought out to provide flavor combinations that will make you close your eyes, nod your head, and say “mmmm” with every bite you take. The sauces are all made from scratch, the accompaniments are perfectly paired, and the seafood is so fresh it was likely caught that day.

brians place hernando beach florida

Grouper With Plantain 3-Way

We dined downstairs in the main dining room. However, Brian’s Place also features an additional room upstairs that is used for seating or can be rented for a private party. An adjoining room features a full liquor bar. A third room in the back is being converted into a wine room that is expected to be complete in September, along with a large back deck to enjoy a fine cigar overlooking the canal. For an annual membership fee, patrons can enjoy the pleasure of monthly private wine tastings and a locker to store their cigars. They feature live music a few nights a week too! You may also want to note that they are closed on Mondays and do take reservations, which I would recommend if you’re dining on the weekend…though they are worth the wait if you decide to just swing in! Make sure you tell them that you heard about how great they are on

Brian’s Place
3430 Shoal Line Blvd., Hernando Beach, FL 34607
(352) 597-5101
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