2nd Annual Autism Fest April 6th in Spring Hill, FL

autismThe Second Annual Autism Fest is coming up! It’s a day of fun, education, and awareness. Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. Autism affects information processing in the brain by altering how nerve cells and their synapses connect and organize; how this occurs is not well understood. The prevalence of autism is about 1–2 per 1,000 people worldwide. (Wikipedia) Proceeds from this event will be presented to CAUSE for the benefit of summer camp and social activities for children in Hernando County on the Autism Spectrum.

Where: F.W. Springstead Track Loop 3300 Marnier Blvd, Spring Hill, FL 34609

When: Saturday, April 6th, 1:00PM – 4:00PM

Hosted by: F.W. Springstead High School

Contact Info : autismfest.cause@yahoo.com or www.facebook.com/causeautismgroup

*Autism information provided by Wikipedia. Read more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autism

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