Artful Possibilities in Hernando County, FL

artful 4It’s no secret that finding something to do around here can be a challenge at times, but Hernando County is a bit more fun if you know where to look! Artful Possibilities is a creative art studio in Brooksville that is open to the public. Walking in the door, you immediately know that you’re going to have a good time! This place is relaxed and welcoming. Colorful works of art cover the walls, young and young at heart sit at the long tables smiling and chatting…and creating. Some are working on a masterpiece that most of us could only dream of painting while others are just there to get a little messy and entertain their children or friends. Whatever their reason for coming to Artful Possibilities they seem glad to have this place to gather.

If there happens to only be a few people at the shop when you stop in you’ll notice how well cared for it is, and it’s obvious that someone really loves this place. If you stop in when it’s busy and bustling with creative juices flowing, it’s obvious that LOTS of people do! This is a space where people come to create, to be inspired, to share, and to learn…and the atmosphere is as warm as the owner herself. Michelle is almost always there showing painters new techniques and helping them achieve amazing results. She’s friendly, happy, and accommodating, taking customer service to a level that borders on spoiling her guests. If you take a minute to talk with her you will just love her! This studio is what she’s been dreaming about for a long time and her passion for it is contagious. Art has been a part of her life forever and in late 2012 she began looking for a small space to move her home studio to and maybe teach a few classes out of…a love for art is something that is meant to be shared after all! Fate stepped in and she crossed paths with the perfect space which opened in November (2012). As people began to come in and share in her excitement, the studio grew and it evolved. In a few short months her vision of being able to share her passion for creativity took shape. She listened to the input of her customers, inquired about the kinds of classes they’d be interested in, considered their feelings in her business decisions, and in a few more months word had begun to spread.

MichelleOwner of Artful Possibilities

Owner of Artful Possibilities

Today, Artful Possibilities is a family-friendly studio and offers something for everyone including the artistically-challenged, like myself. They have structured classes for all ages (toddler through adult) and experience levels (novice to expert) in canvas painting, clay building, ceramics and plaster, needlecrafts including crochet, knitting, embroidery, and MORE!. Click here to see their schedule of upcoming classes. They have a wall of ceramic bisque and plaster pieces with open paint time during all hours the studio is open. There’s no appointment necessary to indulge in that fun. You just stop in, pick something you’d like to paint, have a blast, and take your work home with you. Free wifi and coffee are available so parents can let their kids enjoy some art time while working. Friends can plan a fun night out at one of the studio’s Wine n’ Whimsy events where participants can bring a bottle of wine (or beverage of choice) and create (step by step) a painting that they will proud to hang in their home. If you haven’t experienced Artful Possibilities you’ve been missing out, and if you have then you already know how great it is. One visit to Artful Possibilities and you’ll be among the many saying “Hernando County needed this! It’s much fun!”

Private events are available for Wine n’ Whimsy, birthday parties, field trips, special classes, etc. and can be customized to fit any theme.

Artful Possibilities
414 E. Liberty Street, Brooksville, FL 34601
(352) 600-7904
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