AppDataWorks IT Consulting Services Offers Help for Hernando County Business Owners

AppworksMost small businesses in Hernando County can survive (at least for a time), but few are thriving and bringing in a huge return for the owner. Success is all about numbers! Potential customers must know your company exists in order to utilize your services or buy your products. Why, then, is advertising/marketing often neglected and seen as an exorbitant expense when the reality is you can’t afford not to invest in getting your name out there? Probably because the time, commitment, and money it takes to operate a small business are often exhausted on doing the tasks necessary to keep the doors open/customers happy and managing the finances (i.e. paying bills, handling payroll, ordering new inventory, etc.), leaving little time for focusing on the growth of the business. Regardless if your company is struggling or comfortable financially, the truth is you could be doing better! You could be making more money if you had a marketing strategy in place. With all of the available options where do you start? Online.

It’s no secret that the majority of consumers rely most heavily on the internet when searching for anything from a 60″ television to a good hamburger. So, while coupon books and newspaper ads can be one component of your marketing strategy, having a strong online presence is the real key to success. But the online world is huge and can be a scary place if you don’t know what you’re doing. If the world of websites, Facebook pages, and Google searches is overwhelming, if terms like “Search Engine Optimization” and Social Media’s “Return on Relationship” sound like a foreign language, if you are intimidated by the online world, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You opened a salon or started a cleaning service or install fences…nobody expects you to be a tech-genious. However, if you are not showing up in web searches when potential customers are Googling the products or services you offer then you ARE loosing money. Even worse, if your competition is online then THEY are making the money that could potentially be in your pocket. So, what do you do when you don’t have an online presence at all or you do but you’re not being recommended for customers’ searches? Get in touch with AppDataWorks IT Consulting Services, another local small business that specializes in helping you create an online “footprint” or marketing framework that is custom tailored for your business.APPDATAWORKS-LOGO-II-v2-600-X-515

Does hiring a consultant sound ridiculously expensive? Many people mistakenly think a consultant is someone that only multi-million dollar corporations hire, when the truth is that any business interested in making more money can, and should, hire one. AppDataWorks IT Consulting Services offers a wealth of information at a reasonable price that will help you grow your business. They are in the business of helping other businesses leverage their marketing budgets to make more money. How does that work? AppDataWorks takes an in-depth look at what your company offers, your goals, and who your customer base is. Then they analyze which of the many online marketing options will give you the best bang for your buck to come up with a marketing strategy that fits your budget. The strategy they tailor for you will focus on the most important/effective tools for your specific company to use. A variety of services are offered, such as setting up the social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), developing a search engine optimized website, and ensuring you are doing everything you can to rank as high as possible in Google and other search engines. They can teach you how to manage your online presence or they can manage it for you monthly if you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself. Whether you are tech-savvy or can’t even type your own name, AppDataWorks can provide you with the tools you need to effectively market your company online.

Jerry Boutot Head ShotLocated at 4124 Lamson Ave in Spring Hill, AppDataWorks IT Consulting Services is a locally owned company and member of the Greater Hernando County Chamber of Commerce. Owner, Jerry Boutot, is a Microsoft Certified Application Developer and Microsoft Certified Professional offering custom software development, database development, web application development, as well as online marketing and SEO consulting services. He specializes in conversions of Microsoft Access Databases and Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets into true client/server desktop software and his main focus is on providing tools for businesses to interact with their business data. He can build software systems or web applications that allow companies to analyze their data to make important business decisions or control resources or costs. Jerry will be presenting a Training Series with The Greater Hernando County Chamber of Commerce in the fall that is open to the community. He is also starting up his own Business to Business Radio Talk Show June 5th on WWJB focusing on online marketing that will feature a weekly guest business and give listeners the opportunity to call in and ask questions. You can tune in every Thursday at noon at 1450 AM, 103.9 FM, or 101.1 FM. Call Jerry if you would like to be on the show or sponsor the show!

Jerry Boutot, MCAD, MCP
AppDataWorks IT Consulting Services
15588 Aviation Loop Drive, Brooksville FL 34604
Phone: 1-352-593-5825


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