A Letter From the Editor: You Rock!

kw497toro05 (2)I read an article the other day talking about “community news sites” being the future of journalism. The article talked about what these sites were and why some worked and some failed. The article tried to provide a kind of framework for the successful ones but it really boiled down to this: the successful sites are uniquely in tune with their local community and their success lies in the people of the community using the site. Simple.

As the 3000th person “likes” the SHN Facebook page I am excited about the future of the site because truthfully when I started this up last March I wasn’t sure how it would be received. During this past year I have been overwhelmed with the positive comments and support from the people who use SpringHillNow. Those emails and comments have kept me interested and kept this site moving forward. Seeing people of this community share their opinions and thoughts with one another makes me smile. Meeting someone who enjoys the site or who uses it to find out about local events reassures me that this is a good thing for all of us who live here. Having a business owner overwhelmed by the number of people who told her that they heard about her on SpringHillNow makes me grateful….I am so grateful to those of you who spread the word to others and who take the initiative to let businesses know that the site led you to them. This site is a passion and it is my business. Your support is essential and it’s because of your help that SHN has continued to grow.

I want to say thank you.

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