5 Reasons to Jump on the Walking Dead Bandwagon

the wallking deadI LOVE a good series but zombies aren’t really my thing so when I heard friends talk about The Walking Dead I was repeatedly feeling out of the loop. It finally got the better of me so I broke down and watched an episode to see what all the hype was about. I had to start with Season 1, Episode 1 (that’s just how I am)….and now I’m addicted! Here are the 5 reasons you should jump on the Walking Dead bandwagon too:

  1. You’ll appreciate your life more! Modern amenities like a hot shower, electricity, and easy access to food suddenly become something you recognize as a luxury. Maybe it’s not the best way to remind yourself to live life to the fullest, but when you catch yourself thinking “Wow! This shower feels amazing. I sure would miss this if a zombie apocalypse ever started around here….” you can’t help but enjoy the experience a little more than usual.
  2. You’ll lose weight! Regardless of what time you watch the show (though I highly recommend watching at dark with all of the lights out) the smashing, puncturing, and all around grisly slaying of zombies is a sure way to curb your appetite, especially those late night snack cravings.
  3. You’ll be better prepared! Whether the show turns you into a full-blown doomsday prepper or not you are certain to pick up a few survival tips…and probably some extra non-perishables for your pantry the next time you’re in Publix. Even if a zombie apocalypse isn’t an issue in the near future at least you’ll be better prepared for a hurricane…or a crazed person on bath salts.
  4. You’ll have hours of uninterrupted entertainment! The first few seasons are available on Netflix so you can watch them back to back to back to back with no commercials or week-long waits for the next episode. There really is no better way to watch a series!
  5. You’ll be part of the “in crowd”! You’ll know what those Facebook posts mean, you’ll be able to participate in zombie-related conversations, and frankly you’ll just be cooler.

Please keep an eye out for future posts regarding applying for the
Spring Hill Now Zombie Survival Team!

Experienced archers and those skilled at using a corssbow or samurai sword
will be given preference.

The Walking Dead, is the most watched drama in basic cable history.
You can catch it on Sunday nights on AMC!


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